Future 9000

Technical parameters:

- 6-chamber construction of profiles with a construction depth of 86 mm.

- Large chambers for proper ventilation of profiles and easy drainage of rainwater.

- The possibility of using glass packages up to 52 mm wide results in very good thermal parameters of the windows.

- The additional central seal improves the acoustic and thermal performance of the window, which is also affected by the application seals in the glazing chamber.

- Additional elements improving the strength of fixing the hinges.

- The deep deposition of the glass improves the linear factor and, as a result, the heat transfer coefficient of the entire window.

- Environment-friendly through the use of calcium-zinc stabilizers.

- The Uf coefficient for folding frame / sash profiles is 0.95 W / m²K.


- Uw is 0.74 W / m² K

Two variants of finishing

A square classic finish or a round modern look.

- Colorful cores

Colored profiles in the mass allow the windows to retain an aesthetic appearance in the event of mechanical damage that may occur during the long-term operation of window joinery.

- Veneering

We use proven, very good quality veneers, characterized by high chemical resistance, resistance to weather conditions and temperature changes.