Side doors
RYTERNA manufactures "tailor-made" side doors to suit your chosen garage door. Our side doors are made of a sandwich panel (filled with polyurethane foam, 40 mm thick) surrounded by aluminum profiles and rubber gaskets.

Wicket door
When an additional garage entrance is needed and there is no space for a side door, wicket doors can be the perfect solution. The wicket door is equipped as standard with a door closer, a lock and a handle. You can choose a standard threshold or a more convenient and practical low threshold that allows you to easily move e.g. a bicycle or a stroller.


Window models

Stainless steel windows
By using the offer of stainless steel windows, you will give your gate a contemporary and unique look. Use our recommended projects or create your own. Many designs available in stainless steel as well as the ability to design your own.

ø314 mm, ø234 mm, ø154 mm 315 x 315 mm; 235 x 235 mm; 155 x 155 mm 805 x 155 mm


PVC double windows
The wide range of windows and decorations we offer will help make your home stand out. Acrylic window frames and inserts can be colored to match the door to existing house colors.


FULL VIEW panels
Full training panels can be made in an anodized aluminum frame, in selected colors from the RAL palette or a color similar to a golden oak. Double acrylic windows in the windows can be transparent, matt, frosted or stained.


Standard, transparent Standard, frosted Standard, matt Standard, tinted Standard, polycarbonate Thermo, transparent


Design Line

Decorative applications
Although RYTERNA has a wide range of decors, we encourage you to create your own individual designs so that the gate is a unique element of your home's furnishings. Show us your project and we will carry it out if it is possible. You can create a gate that matches your front door or very similar to it. All we need is door measurements for which you want to match the design and photo of existing doors to copy the design. Applications are made of stainless steel and RAL color plates. Many designs available in stainless steel as well as the ability to design your own.


RETRO garage doors


Retro gates go perfectly with old-style buildings. Ribbed profiles decorated with woodgrain stripes. Aluminum panels encased in woodgrain boards and window bars. Gates equipped with hinges and handles in the old style. Designing custom designs on request.




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